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Fun Pirate Design Stationery Kit [STA63]

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Product Details

Fun Pirate Design Stationery Kit

Kids and adults all love novelty stationery and we have a great selection or pens, pencils, erasers and sets in a variety of fun and colourful themes.

Great as stocking and party fillers our range will definitely have something for all tastes.

A quick safety note, our stationery range does not come under the toys heading so is not CE marked however some items do contain small parts so we recommend that they are not given to children under 3 years.

Eraser 2-3x3-4x0.5cm Ruler 15cm Pencil 17.5cm Sharpener 1x3.5x3.5cm

Unfortunately if there is no dropdown list with options for a particular item, this means we will dispatch random design / color.
If you have any questions when please contact us before you place order.