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Fun Kids Growing Fizzy Frog Prince [TY735]

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Product Details

Fun Kids Growing Fizzy Frog Prince

Whether it's bright, colourful, squidgy or disgusting, kids of all ages will love our range of novelty toys.

Ideal for party bags and stocking fillers, or just as gifts for all the family, our range comes in a variety of fun themed designs.

CE marked for children 3 years of over.

The fizzy frog part of this product is made from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. When placed in water it has an instant reaction and foams and dissolves quickly. Full instructions are provided on the product.

Height 9.5cm Width 6.5cm Depth 6.5cm

Unfortunately if there is no dropdown list with options for a particular item, this means we will dispatch random design / color.
If you have any questions when please contact us before you place order.

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